July 17, 2015

Paper/Simulated Trading LIVE for all users!

Paper trading is launched for all users in a public beta mode! Since it’s beta, please report any issues to help us make it better.

Paper trading (also known as simulated trading) lets you trade with “fake” money and practice buying and selling securities. Everything is technically just like trading with real money, just without the risk. We built a system tracks your orders and you can see how much Profit or Loss (PnL) you have on your account, and gauge how good you are at trading!

In the near future we may add connections to market brokers, so that you can take real action on the trading ideas that you get once you are ready.

Main functionality

Start by logging in to use paper trading. By default your account balance is $100,000, which you can reset at any time.

The chart now has a floating “buy/sell” panel that lets you quickly enter orders. You can buy any security that actually trades (i.e. indexes don’t trade, they have corresponding ETFs instead).

The “buy/sell” panel can be hidden by right-clicking and choosing Hide. The hidden panel can be restored from chart settings, the Trading tab.

Another way to enter orders is to right-click the chart at the desired price. Orders can then be modified by dragging them up or down.

Chart settings let you configure how orders and positions are shown (order placement arrows, lines, etc)

The Trading Panel is at the bottom of the chart. It has a list of open positions and orders. You can configure to show only active ones, or show all.

After reloading the chart, inactive orders are automatically deleted.

Editing/closing/cancelling orders can be done directly on the chart.

or in the Trading Panel



Trading History and Journal tabs provide more info – accessible through trading panel or right-click.

Reset the account at any time. After a reset all order history and balance are restored to default values. Reset is in the account settings.