Our new Pine Wizards for 2022

Dec 21, 2021

Meet our new Pine Wizards. These programmers join the ranks of those who have contributed the most to our community, whom we enshrine in our Hall of Fame for Pine coders: our Pine Wizards.

Wizards help in many ways to make TradingView a better place for TradingViewers from all over the world. They code great tools for traders and often publish their scripts open-source, which makes their tools verifiable, adaptable, and provides budding Pine programmers with examples of the best Pine code to learn from.

As if publishing great indicators, strategies, and libraries wasn’t enough, many Pine Wizards also contribute their time to PineCoders projects by helping with the design of new features, script moderation, beta testing, selecting Editors’ Picks, producing the monthly publications for the PineCodersTASC account, answering questions on Pine in public forums, etc.

Pine Wizards embody all the values TradingView is about. In the name of all TradingViewers: thank you guys!


For any math-oriented trader, opening the profile page of DonovanWall is like visiting a fine art gallery. A brilliant educator, he manages to wrap complex concepts in a clear, creative, and visually stunning form. The quality of his script publications sets the standard for other authors, yet they are just the tip of the iceberg. DonovanWall is also one of the major behind-the-scenes contributors to our community of programmers and traders on TradingView.


In the minds of many TradingView users, concepts such as Fibonacci retracement, Gann fan, and pitchfork indicator have come to be firmly associated with the name of dgtrd. The passion and creativity that he puts into his work are truly amazing. It’s no wonder that many of his tools are among the most widely-used on the platform.


It’s no exaggeration to say that every script rumpypumpydumpy creates explores the boundaries of what Pine code is capable of. Whether it’s an innovative variation of a traditional technical indicator or a completely original instrument, his work is a prime example of the highest-quality Pine scripts on TradingView. He also spends quite a bit of his time helping out other Pine programmers.

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