February 2, 2021
TradingView Is Even Safer Now

Users’ security has always been a top priority for TradingView. We’re constantly working on improving security levels for all our platform components. Some of these improvements aren’t noticeable for our users as they appear in the form of trouble-free website performance and personal data safekeeping. Today, we want to tell you a little bit about the recent improvements that are making TradingView even safer.

Up-to-date technologies to protect your connection

Starting at the end of 2020 we revised our protected connection (HTTPS) and unplugged all of the outdated and unsafe encryptions from the servers. That move gained us flying colors at the SSL test website (A+).

Partnering with the security auditors

We build partnership connections, both with professionals in the security field, and with freelance hackers, to eliminate possible security vulnerabilities on the platform. Are you a security professional? If so, join our TradingView Bug Bounty Program.

Trusted scripts

We plan to steadily apply Content-Security-Policy (CSP) on TradingView starting from February 2, 2021. CSP is a security measure prohibiting scripts from untrustworthy sources. This will significantly reduce the opportunity for hackers to steal data or do anything untoward to or from users’ accounts unnoticed.

Account protection

We’d like to remind you that protection of your account is very important, so please use strong passwords and turn on 2-factor authentication. You can find more information on account security here.

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