September 4, 2020

Pre- / Post-Market Price Labels Are Now Available on TradingView Charts

We’ve added new labels for pre- and post-market on the price scale and chart display. Pre- and post-market values are always available on the chart, and you can play around with the intervals on your chart to find the data you’re specifically looking for.

In order to enable these labels, go to the price scale and open the Context Menu, go to Labels, and then click on Pre- / Post-Market Price Label.

To adjust and reconfigure the display of the pre- / post-market lines display, including their colors and label colors in particular, go to Chart Settings, select Symbol, and then click on Pre- / Post-Market Price Line.

Please note that if you’ve enabled trading data outside the session on the intraday interval, the label on the scale and chart display will not be displayed, because the data is already on the chart.

We love hearing your thoughts on our updates, so please send over any feedback on this release or any others that you might have thoughts on. We aim to not only improve your experiences, but to build for our community overall. These updates and improvements take constant work and we’re always looking for more opportunities to create exactly what you’re looking for. Stay tuned for more updates to come.

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