September 29, 2016

Protected source code for Pine indicators

Now you can publish indicators with protected source code. This is a high-demand feature that lets you share knowledge and protect intellectual property at the same time. These indicators are available in the public Script Library, and any user can use it, but only the author can see the source code.

To make the indicator Protected simply check “Protected Script” in the script publication window.

Source code on charts is hidden from other users, so that only you will see it until you decide to publish an open source version. Publish ideas, send links to charts in chat – your intellectual property remains protected and no one will have access to your source code without your decision.

Each user can view, comment and favorite the script’s page with its description, screenshot and author’s comments. It’s will available in the Public Library section in the Indicators dialog, and any user can add this script to a chart. Only the author can open the source code of Protected scripts. This is a great option for those who want to share the script, but protect its calculation methods.

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