August 12, 2019
Scam Alert!

We have received quite a few reports about phone calls from scammers pretending to be TradingView official representatives. They attempt to mislead people and offer to make investments or sell other products. 

TradingView does NOT contact customers by phone and offer services. All technical support is performed through tickets directly on the site, and there are NO outbound phone-based sales activities performed by TradingView at any time, now or any time in the past since inception. Any individuals reaching out and claiming to be from TradingView while pitching services are NOT associated with our company and are considered as scam and fraud by our firm. Please practice caution if you receive fraudulent phone calls and offers – never give out any personal information and be aware that TradingView is not a broker and the only product we sell to consumers are monthly and annual plan subscriptions that can be seen on Pricing page and which can be purchased ONLY directly through the site.

As far as we know, most people who receive such calls are not ever TradingView users. This has nothing to do with a data leak on our side, which never happened in any way, and we are yet to find out where these scammers get phone numbers from. We work as closely as possible with relevant authorities in various geographical jurisdictions to bring this scamming to a halt. Any information that you can gather and supply regarding these scammers is helpful – phone numbers, names, dates, notes and call recordings can all be of assistance in bringing those responsible to the proper legal action and stopping these attacks. Please forward all materials to the applicable local fraud authorities, and it’s also helpful to CC the reports to so we have them on record. Please specify your username if you happen to have an account with TradingView.

Thank you for your understanding.

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