November 11, 2021

With Browser in TradingView Desktop App

It’s been a while since our last announcement about an update to the TradingView Desktop app. But we have a good excuse — we’ve been working super hard on new features and improvements for you. Some you’ll see now, some are coming soon, and some are under the hood: but all of them are designed to make the app better, faster, stronger.

So what is this announcement about? We’ve updated the authentication flow in the app to make it easier and more convenient. Now you’ll see just one button on the sign-in form, saying “Sign in with browser.” When clicked, it will open a new tab in your default browser where you’ll be able to sign in to your TradingView account using your favorite authentication option. And once you confirm that the app can use your account, you’ll get to an app that’s ready for work. Sign-in through the browser provides the same level of security as the earlier method and even has an advantage — less time wasted copy-and-pasting.

We believe that most of you usually keep your browser signed in to TradingView — in which case, connecting the app to your TradingView account is going to be an absolute breeze. Click the button on the app, click a button in your browser to confirm, type in a 2FA-code if you have enabled 2FA, and that’s it — you’re already in!

One more thing we want to celebrate. We’ve completely revised the guts of the app in the bit that is responsible for working with tabs and windows. Try to drag and drop tabs to see how smoothly it goes now. You’re welcome!

It’s actually the 13th version, so there’s one (just one!) slight hiccup. If you’re on Windows, this update won’t be installed automatically, and it can only be installed manually if you uninstall the app first. It’s not hard though: just go to “Settings” → “Apps & features”, select the app on the list, and click “Uninstall”. Then download and install the new version from this page. Upcoming updates will be installed automatically as usual.

You’re on Mac on Linux? Hooray, TradingView Desktop will update automatically. Just start or restart it, let it run for 10 minutes, and restart again. To make sure the app has been updated, open “About” and look at the version number — it should be 1.0.0-beta.13. If the auto-update hasn’t happened for any reason, or you haven’t tried the app yet, then you can download it from this page.

In November, the app crossed over a total of 900k installs, which is a huge achievement for our team. But it’s not all about numbers — most importantly, it’s a signal for us that we’re leading TradingView Desktop the right way. Thank you for using it and for sharing all your feedback — we always read it all!

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