October 12, 2022

Skilling — now live on TradingView

We are irrepressibly expanding our trading opportunities and would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest innovative broker partner — Skilling.

Skilling was founded in 2016 by a group of Scandinavian entrepreneurs with a straightforward purpose: to make trading simple and accessible to everyone in a transparent and secure environment. Their belief in a customer-centric approach and everyone’s ability to access and harness financial markets led to a proven track record of success and an international presence, having now opened offices in Cyprus, Malta and Spain. If you add the company’s competitive pricing, reliability and quick execution into the mix, it’s no surprise their audience has grown exponentially over the years.

Skilling continues to evolve and thrives on a genuine understanding of its users’ needs, with a long-term mission focused on developing the best products and services in the industry. TradingView’s own mission is a perfect match for this goal, so now you can trade directly through Skilling on TradingView close to 1000 FX and CFD financial instruments, including currency pairs, shares of your favourite companies, and popular commodities and indices from around the world. The Skilling team works tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled customer experience where people can feel comfortable while trading, and we hope you will enjoy their efforts.

Don’t take our word for it though – start by simply opening a Skilling account to see for yourself how fast this process can be, and enjoy an unmatched customer experience where you can feel confident trading in a secure and transparent environment.

Go to the Skilling broker profile for more information.

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