September 28, 2015

Strategy Backtesting Beta Release

Great news! We have released the long-awaited Backtesting feature in beta-testing mode! It allows you to create trading strategies in Pine Script.

A strategy is a study that can send, modify and cancel orders (to buy/sell). Strategies allow you to perform Backtesting (emulation of strategy trading on historical data) and Forwardtesting (emulation of strategy trading on real-time data) according to your precoded algorithms.

A strategy written in Pine Script language has all the same capabilities as a Pine indicator. When you write a strategy code, it should start with the keyword “strategy”, not “study”. Strategies not only plot something, but also place, modify and cancel orders. They have access to essential strategy performance information through specific keywords.

Read more about ‘Strategy’ built-in functions and variables in the script reference document and pine script tutorial:

The same information is available for you on the “Strategy Tester” tab. Once a strategy is calculated on historical data, you can see hypothetical order fills. To test strategy, apply it to the chart. Use the symbol and time interval that you want to test. You can use a built-in strategy from the “Indicators & Strategies” dialog box, or write your own in Pine Editor.

Once again, the feature is on beta stage, so your feedback is really appreciated. If you have any questions/problems/requests, feel free to write us here.

Important note! When the beta-testing is over, the feature will be available only for paid (Pro/Pro+/Premium) users. The reason of this is that strategies are calculated on our servers and increase load, that is why we cannot make it available for free users. The 5 most active users, who give us the most valuable feedback, will get access to backtesting for 1 year for free. Please post your feedback, questions and suggestions in this thread.