June 25, 2021

The 19th Stable Version of the Technical Analysis Charts & Charting & Trading Platform

We’re always creating new versions of our Self-Hosted libraries, based on client feedback. Comments, thoughts, and requests from existing customers are passed through GitHub, support channels, and emails, and ultimately make our library the default standard for high performance data visualization. The brackets (GitHub issue #) contain GitHub requests from our users that have been released. Please note that you have to be logged into your GitHub account to view these links.

Today, we’re super happy to announce the release of the 19th Version of the Technical Analysis Charting Library and the Charting & Trading Platform. These products are used by brokerages, financial technology providers, trading firms, banks, and some of the most successful hedge funds in the world. 

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Key features
Volume Profile (GitHub issue #614)

This is a vital tool that shows the most traded prices for a particular time period. Volume Profiles allow you to plot volume as a histogram on the price bar, so you can see the levels where you need them. You can display a volume profile for the selected range, for the session, or for the visible range.

Object Tree (GitHub issue #5397)

Previously we only had an object tree in the Trading Terminal as a panel. However, we were asked to add it to the library as well, and we’ve finally done it! This tool gives you additional control over the chart’s objects.

Drawing Tools — Signpost (GitHub issue #5581)

With this tool you can mark a custom event on the chart or add a comment to a section of the chart in a stylish, neat format.

And some other changes:
  1. Plus button (GitHub issue #5410). Now you can turn on the display of the Plus button at the scale. The main advantage of this is that by clicking on the button, you can display options that you need for quick access, such as quick placement of an alert, a line, or an order.
  2. Support for barsBack value while requesting data (GitHub issue #5312). This parameter allows you to request the exact amount of data of the chart, which ensures optimal operation with the data provider.
  3. Guppy Multiple Moving Average Indicator (GitHub issue #4116). You asked us to add this indicator, and now it’s available!
  4. Ability to change “Price/Bar ratio” programmatically (GitHub issue #4473). Previously, clients had to change every graph in order to understand the current situation. In this version we’ve made it faster, and you can choose a single scale for different tickers with the API.
  5. Using libraries with web components (GitHub issue #5228). Now you have the ability to pass the container element itself as a parameter.
  6. Disable auto market status widget in detail (GitHub issue #5354). This version allows “display_market_status”  to hide the market status in a detailed widget.
  7. Support empty and custom types in symbol search (GitHub issue #5433). In the previous versions you could add only Stocks, CFD, Forex etc. But now, you can add everything you want!
  8. Set height of all chart panes at once (GitHub issue #5598). This feature allows you to set the size of all the panes in a chart with a single function call.
  9. Set chart layout name in the widget constructor (GitHub issue #5470). Now you can pass layout name to the widget, in a similar way to how we pass layout configuration in “saved data”.
  10. Possibility to disable save shortcut (GitHub issue #5488). Some users don’t need or want to save their charts, and they want to disable Ctrl+S as well. This lets you do that.

Every day our development team works to make our tools better for you, the user, and we’re always keen to get your feedback, so keep it coming!

You can pass your feedback onto GitHub or reach out to us directly via this mailbox.

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