The Leap #2: the results and all the stats you need to know are in

Jun 4

It seems not so long ago that we launched the second round of our paper trading competition, The Leap, and today, we’re ready to share the results. But, before announcing the winners, let us say again how amazing it is to see so many traders gather to compete, learn, practice, and show their skills.

In the span of one month, over 78,000 traders participated in the competition: they executed more than 2,100,000 trades and earned over $58 million in profits on their accounts. Thanks to all the participants who joined in, you made this paper trading competition one for the books.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the winners and gain some insight into their performance. The gap between the top two competitors was unbelievably close — 0.02% of net profit. Below, you can see the key stats for every winner — look closely, maybe you’ll find their secrets there.

  • 1st place, the winner of $25,000 — Melissa2018.
    A word from Melissa2018:

    When the competition started, I was able to position my first trades almost immediately. As I work a lot with Elliott Wave theory, I used it to find my entry points and got off to a good start in the competition.

    In the beginning, I actually was only keeping an eye on the competition casually as I didn’t really think I could win. It was only when I received several messages about new followers that I started paying attention and saw that I was in the lead. This also increased the pressure and I made a few mistakes towards the end. I didn’t think I could win until the last moment, so I was even more surprised when I saw the result.

  • 2nd place, the proud owner of $10,000 — Hakukuro.
    A word from Hakukuro:

    The mentality is more aggressive in paper trading. You need to try to be the minority in the market to stand out from the competition, which usually means going against the market, and make full use of the capital all the time. Both these things are not recommended in real money trading.

    Also, don’t overtrade, which makes sense for both paper or real money trading. But it is easier to do so in paper trading cause there is nothing to lose.

    • 4th place, scooping $3,000 — Blasik.
      A word from Blasik:

      Be mindful of fees. They can add up quickly and impact your overall performance. In thelast competition, the difference between the top rankings was only a few hundred dollars, with the first place winning by just $68.52. Be careful with overtrading, as it can lead to unnecessary fees.

    • 5th place, snatching a sum of $2,000 — TraderZerx.

    Celebrate with us by congratulating the winners! They showed an intense commitment to practice and consistent learning — two things that always pave the path to success. Out of almost 78,000 entrants, only 1,831 managed a profit of more than 4%, and this is proof that there can’t be too much training.

    And here are some overall competition statistics: check the share of profitable and unprofitable accounts, see what instrument was traded by most participants, and find other unique numbers:

    Missed out? Not to worry. Time to get ready for our next contest — it’s coming soon — by reviewing the help links below:

    TradingView Team

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