August 11, 2016

The more the merrier! Closed beta testing for trading through OANDA is starting

As promised, we continue ramping up and adding more brokers. This time it’s a well-known FX broker Oanda that you can trade with. Oanda’s official homepage –

The closed beta test will be rather quick and we need a small group of beta testers. The group has to be able to provide detailed and high-quality feedback. To apply to be a beta tester, send a private message to @admin. If you are selected, admin will send you instructions on how to activate the account.

Important: Currently US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia accounts are supported. New European and Australian accounts (v20) and Japanese accounts are NOT YET supported. However, existing accounts (more than a few months old) will work fine.

The questions and issues have to be sent using the Report Issue button, with the issue type selected as Trading and broker as OANDA, and include the order ID (if applicable).