April 22, 2021
Sushi, Honey and Unicorns! Even More Tokens From Exchanges With Really Cool Names

There is not always a lot of data available, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies. So especially for you, we’ve just opened the door to a whole lot more symbols, that should appeal to even the most sophisticated of traders.

The list of the well-known Uniswap has already grown to 4,500 supported symbols and now, all of them are on TradingView. Use the UNISWAP: prefix in the search bar to add what interests you to the chart.

Two more DeFi crypto exchanges are also now available on our platform. Straight from the world of decentralized financial services, please welcome the awesomely-named Honeyswap and SushiSwap.

The HONEYSWAP: and SUSHISWAP: prefixes will show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

We’re always working to improve our platform and add new data. All your requests and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you for staying with us!

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