May 26, 2016

Trading US stocks, futures and Forex is live on TradingView!

At last putting the “trading” into TradingView, as was always envisioned, we are supporting the first batch of brokers for live trading. You can now place live or demo orders while using your favorite platform and staying on top of latest happenings.

US stock, US futures and Forex is supported through the CQG infrastructure on TradingView. You can also get real-time US futures data for $0 extra if you have a live brokerage account!


How it works

Many brokers and Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) use CQG as an option to power their trading. Here’s a list of some FCMs brokers that use CQG, but it’s not exhaustive.

In short, if your broker has a CQG option, and you have a CQG-powered account with them, you can trade through TradingView.

3 easy steps

  1. Log into your free or upgraded TradingView account.
  2. If you have a CQG-powered trading account – open the Trading Panel on the chart. If you don’t, go get a demo account to start with.
  3. Type in your account credentials, the ones you got from your broker (not the TradingView login!). Choose LIVE or DEMO depending on your account type.
  4. Trade!

Real-time US Futures data

You need real-time data to trade. Pretty much each exchange charges per-user fees, which you are paying if you have a live account (some brokers pay them for you). So, to avoid paying twice, you need to validate through our interface that you have a live trading account.


Under the hood

Brokers focus on building customer relationships and accounts, and CQG is one of the solutions used to physically store and process orders. TradingView is an officially certified CQG tech partner, we use a specialized WebAPI to transfer your orders and don’t store your trading account credentials. You can definitely relax about security of your sensitive information.


Important: Some brokers who use CQG are still going getting on board. If you see an error message “Account is disabled”, or something similar – reach out to your broker to solve it. Most of the time they need to enable TradingView on their end. Any questions – our support can be reached through