December 17, 2013

TradingView Community is Desperate for Your Ideas!

Tradingview gives investors a way to find trading ideas unlike anything that existed before. Individual investors, like you, know more about the market than famous analysts from Wall St. We have seen it again and again when experts talk a lot and have no clear direction.

TradingView users have concrete ideas, and they are not afraid to be wrong. They want to see the big picture and look at problems through other people’s eyes. They know the collective consciousness is often more powerful and knowledgeable than experts by themselves.

It’s simple, it always starts with a single post. Once you’ve put yourself out there, you’ll realize that it only makes you better. All it takes is one to start!

Start sharing your ideas today, criticize and agree with others, add important details they may have forgotten. Together, all these interactions make up the golden jewels of knowledge that can be used by many. Our community is built solely on non-profit interactions of talented investors, who are helping each other prosper. We don’t pay authors and don’t buy articles – everything you see is genuine grassroots analysis! We believe that together we can make investing more effective and transparent.

Share something today!