July 28, 2014

TradingView outage on July 26-28 – Data Provider Data Interruption

Hi all,

Unfortunately, some TradingView users faced an issue in the last couple of days, where they were unable to access charts with data. The issue has now been fixed, and here’s a brief recap of what happened.

Latest issue appeared at 18:25 UTC on Saturday, July 26th. After we’ve understood what’s happening, our dev sent the first report email on Sunday July 27th at 7:38 am UTC.

Here’s a quote from Barchart, our data provider, which we just received:

“Barchart experienced a historical database issue over the weekend and this morning resulting in the intermittent unavailability of historical market data.  This issue has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience. TradingView receives historical market data from Barchart. This issue was on Barchart’s end, not TradingView.”

This issue affected our both primary and backup channels, so that safeguard didn’t help in this instance. We are now working with Barchart to analyze the issue, to understand its roots and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We thank you you for your understanding. Thanks for being with us!

TradingView team.