March 24, 2014

TradingView outage today – sorry!


TradingView had a long downtime today, which is finally resolved. We completely understand and accept that, at the end of it all, we are at fault. Clients don’t typically care why problems happen (as long as they are resolved quickly 🙂 ), but it’s important to understand why to avoid them in the future.

One of our cloud service providers is Windows Azure, and all of our Azure machines stopped responding today. This is not what we expected at any point. After a lengthy escalation process with Microsoft, and great help from our mentors there, we were able to get the problem resolved. To answer the multiple complaints and advice from our users – we will do whatever we can to avoid being caught off guard in the future.

As a start to that process, we will roll out a backup channel for PRO and PRO Realtime users in the near future. That way stability for paid users who depend on the service will near 100%. In addition to that, all current PRO and PRO Realtime users will get a free month of service, as our way of saying “sorry”. Once we are able to afford a full backup channel, we will definitely get that up and running.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we promise to continue tirelessly building the best online platform and social network for traders ever! Thanks for being with us!

TradingView Team