December 8, 2016

TradingView Social: Merging all English Public Chats

TradingView is international and expanding quickly. We are continuously rolling out local versions, offering completely localized experiences to respective subcommunities in terms of language, news and data. Apart from the main global community we currently have 9 local versions for key regions, each occupying a separate section of TradingView, with more to come. Each version will have its own regional manager, its own moderator and a community of engaged local traders sharing ideas in their own language.

Local versions and their languages

Of the 9 local versions, 7 are non-English (Russia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea and Japan). These versions come with 3 main chats in their respective languages – Stocks & Indexes, Forex, Cryptocurrencies. They will also have their own custom chats, if local users with upgraded plans want to create additional rooms. There are 2 local versions that use English – UK and India. They share their 3 main chats with the global community, while local users with upgraded plans create additional public chats. Until now a custom English chat room was visible only on the version where it was created.

Why we are merging them:

We noticed the current setup may be confusing:

  • A user from a local English version can create a custom room and mention it in one of the main chats, but global users don’t see it appear in their “All Talks” list
  • Users from local English versions don’t have popular rooms such as the Gold room or the Oil room in their “All Talks” list
  • Users who want to join a chat from another version first have to navigate to this version
  • Some custom public chats are duplicated across several versions

Improving the user experience

From today onward all English public chat rooms can be accessed directly from any English version. This should eliminate any confusion and further improve the experience for our English-speaking communities. Duplicate chats will be deleted.

Happy chatting!

TradingView Founders and Moderators