June 9, 2013
TradingView users – we need your input!

As with any community, users is what truly makes TradingView and everything happen. This site wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you guys!

 As a note – TradingView was recently accepted into the #1 startup accelerator in the country, TechStars Chicago. They believed in our vision and are doing everything right now to help TradingView grow into something large, unique and awesome. We are in Chicago and working with mentors and investors on correctly formulating our value proposition, define our target audience, and decide which features we need to build first.

The best thought we’ve had is – why not ask our users directly what they want, and what they think? For you it’s a chance to get involved with the business and see your wishes come true on TradingView.

Keep in mind, just listing every feature you want isn’t really helpful – we’d like to build them all too, and today if possible. But we are constrained by resources (time and money available), so we need to prioritize, and with good reason. Our main goal is to build a large community, increase user engagement, and revolutionize the way people think about trading. What do you think can help with that?

We’ll be in Chicago until at least August 28th, which is when we’ll have our DemoDay at the House of Blues. If some of you are near here – email me and I’d love to chat/meet and talk about TradingView.

Please email me at sbokov@tradingview.com and we can start talking. Thanks again for making TradingView possible!

– Stan Bokov

COO, Co-Founder


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