November 23, 2016

TradingView Wiki is now open for editing!

Our mission is to enable TradingView users to communicate openly, effectively and through a variety of channels. One way to do this is through the wiki environment – our central knowledge base on charting, scripting, publishing and trading. The Wiki’s goal is to efficiently create and share accumulated knowledge about all things TradingView. The best way to reach this goal is when all stakeholders contribute – developers, moderators and certainly the community.

We are happy to announce that the TradingView Wiki is now open for editing. Any registered user can make changes, which will then be peer-reviewed by other members. Here’s a short FAQ on how to use it. House Rules do apply to the wiki. The wiki is great if you have an interesting article idea, or insight in an existing topic. Each of you has tips, tricks and pieces of useful knowledge to share with others in our community. Helping each other succeed is what makes this community great. If you contribute you will get tons of respect and returned karma from your peers.

Happy sharing!