July 12, 2017

TradingView wins Best Analysis Platform at Benzinga Fintech Awards 2017 in NY

We are super proud and thankful to all our users who supported us in the voting. TradingView is the Best Analysis Platform in the Benzinga Fintech Awards this year.

Benzinga is a renowned financial media outlet and a good partner of ours, to recognize innovative companies from all over the world with the most impressive financial technology.

How it went down

We joined at the last moment, exactly 2 days before the vote closure. The 12 other companies that were competing for this award all had a headstart of several months of getting votes. With limited time to catch up, we asked you guys to help us out and hoped for the best…

Boy, did you deliver! Your response far exceeded our expectation with almost a thousand votes in 2 days. Amazing what a community can do when they come together.

The online voting got us into the finals, as the people’s choice. Then a panel of judges unanimously confirmed that TradingView is the best analysis platform this year.

Stan Bokov, co-founder and COO, was present at the awesome event and accepted the coveted stylish trophy during the awards presentation. Here´s how that went:


We are honored to have received an award, but we are more honored and grateful to everyone who made the effort to vote for us on such short notice. And for being with us. And making this community great day and day out. Thank you for believing in what we are building, thank you for being part of this community and thank you for making TradingView possible.

So, since we got it, we have to make TradingView even better. This is an encouragement to keep improving our platform even further by adding new tools, additional features and more data. We will always strive to support you as best as we can, no matter what your analysis approach to the market may be. Let’s get better together!