June 24, 2021
Tweets on the Chart

It’s no secret that Twitter posts can influence the movement of stock prices and currency pairs. But how can I capture this elusive influence in order to view how it affects the formation of my chart patterns, we hear you cry? Well, funny you should ask… because we just made it possible to place Tweets directly onto your charts. You’re welcome!

Everything is extremely simple.

  1. Copy the link to Tweet.
  2. Paste it into your TradingView chart.

The Tweet shows up on your chart at the time it was tweeted! Woo!

If you’re having problems inserting a Tweet

  • Make sure you are logged into your TradingView account. Tweets on the chart are available only to registered users.
  • Are you logged into your account and the Tweet still doesn’t appear on the chart after pasting? Make sure that the timestamp that corresponds to the date the Tweet was published is in the visible area of the chart. Perhaps somewhere beyond the left border of the chart, on the historical data, you have already inserted three or even five identical Tweets.

How does a Tweet work on a chart?

  • Tweets are always tied to the date of the original Twitter post.
  • The vertical position of the Tweet card can be changed within the visible area of the chart by pulling the card up or down.
  • A tweet is very similar to any drawing object: it is tied to the symbol on which you inserted it. A Tweet can be hidden or deleted, and its visual order in the object tree can be changed.

We love creating new features for you every day, so please keep your feedback and suggestions coming.

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