July 10, 2015

Updates in the TradingView AppStore

AOS FX Primer has become FOT (Forex On Toast)

The add-on “AOS FX Primer” has been renamed into “Forex on Toast”. Corresponding subscriptions are also renamed automatically. Nothing else is changed.

New indicator package – Pip Foundry Indicators

With Pip Foundry Indicator Suite a glance at the chart is all you will need to understand market strength and direction. You will receive a full set of price action and quantitative/mean regression analysis indicators. Training is hosted via the Pip Foundry Trading Room on a regular basis for new and veteran traders alike to discuss the market. Our number one goal is to keep you confident in your execution and stay in the mindset of trading with the trend.

With Features Such As:

  • Bars Colored Based On Trend And Momentum Analysis

  • Dynamically Trended RSI And Momentum Indicators

  • Price Action Based Support And Resistance Levels

  • Real Time Trend Divergence Alerts

  • Volatility Channel Colored Based On Instant Trend Analysis

  • Plus Other Professional Tools To Assist In Meeting Your Equity Goals

Our mission is to provide easy to use tools that help you understand market dynamics and exceed your equity goals by providing actionable trading signals on all markets at all time frames.