October 27, 2015

Updates in the TradingView AppStore

1. Added a new indicator to the RobBooker package.

New indicator from Rob Booker – Booker/Palladino Ghost Pivots.

Now you have even more tools for analysis within the same package!

2. New indicator package – CIT Toolbox.

The CIT Toolbox combines a mix of proprietary swing, pattern and trend trading indicators, and is designed to give users a complete and unique technical analysis perspective applicable to any instrument in any time frame.

The CIT Angles solve the key problem in dealing with Gann angles: finding the correct rise (step, rate of vibration) adapted to price level and volatility. The CIT Bars offer several improvements over Heikin-Ashi, Kagi and Renko bars. The CIT Pivots, Signals and Trend indicators will show you hidden support/resistance levels and optimal entry and exit points, and will eradicate subjectivity and emotion from your trading.