August 13, 2013

Volume Profile aka Volume at Price

We released Volume Profile aka Volume at Price indicator. Active traders know that paying attention to volume can make the crucial difference in understanding how the market will move.

Key Benefits:

  • Know supply & demand changes over time
  • See volume activity at the highest point (POC)
  • Anticipate price changes with volume distribution analysis

The Volume Profile can be used in three ways:

Session View: For intraday analysis, see the volume profile for a specific trading session. Automatic calculation — no need to select a specific range.

Fixed Range: Need a specific time horizon? No problem. The fixed range feature shows the Volume Profile across a defined (or fixed) period of time.

Visible Range View: Looking for a larger date range? With the visible range feature, you can see the Volume Profile across an entire date range (i.e. 1 year, 5 year, etc.)