May 20, 2022

Volume Profiles further improvements

Your opinion is always very important to us, so we’ve taken into account all the really great feedback on our last Volume Profiles updates. And today we present you some further, super important, upgrades that’ll make working with VP even better and more convenient.

Bar-based periods for the Periodic Volume Profile (PVP) indicator

As you know, the Periodic Volume Profile indicator allowed building volume profiles for periods of more than one trading day. You could build PVP on a certain number of days, weeks and months. In today’s update, we are expanding the functionality of the indicator by adding the ability to specify the number of bars on which volume profiles can be built.

As before, the value of the period is set through the “Period” option. In the first field, the period multiplier is set, and in the second, the period itself, which can now also take the value “Bar” in addition to other values.

Configuring custom sessions for Session Volume Profile indicators

The settings of the SVP and SVP HD indicators made it possible to select the necessary session depending on the information on which markets you are interested in. However, there are symbols that are not divided into regular and extended sessions, such as futures or forex.

In the current update, a new session type, Custom, has been added. With it, you can set the beginning and end of the period on which you want to draw the Session Volume.

You can read more about building volume profiles in this article. Here’s hoping you find this latest update useful. Happy trading.

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