October 10, 2014

We are glad to announce the beta release of Alerts on TradingView!

It’s one of the most demanded features and took a long time to perfect. Time awaiting might have tested your patience, but we are sure that you won’t be disappointed! The result is something truly unique and a first on a web-based analytics platform.

All TradingView alerts are “true server-side alerts”. They are always with you.
Аfter an alert is generated, it’s monitored on our servers, and you’ll get a notification wherever you are, even if you are not using TradingView at that moment.

Alert can be set for any custom Pine script.
Most applications allow alerts only on price levels, or basic indicators (in best case scenario!). TradingView allows you to specify alert conditions using ANY Pine script, giving you the absolute flexibility.

Set alerts even on Fundamental Fields & Economy Data.
This is huge for people tracking fundamental metrics, or macroeconomic data. You can keep track when a PE Ratio falls below 5, or new earning report is out.

Learn more about using and managing alerts on TradingView.

Please post your feedback in this thread.

There is a chance (although small) that some instability may occur. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will direct all our efforts to make sure this release as stable as possible. Thanks for your understanding and keep an eye out for those new alerts!