August 19, 2021

We created the ultimate trading view

What’s the best trading backdrop you can think of? A sandy, sunny beach? The top of a misty mountain? Or perhaps a view over the Earth? We decided to prove you really can view our charts anywhere, so we launched them into space.

Working with our engineering partners, we created a flight plan that sent our charts soaring over 35km above the Earth — and caught some magical trading views over the planet in the process. We were able to load our charts into a specially constructed screen built to withstand the pressure, temperature and conditions of the upper atmosphere.

But why? Well, we wanted to get some awesome shots of our charts. But we also wanted another example of how planning and research gives you the best chance of success. Sending a chart into space isn’t easy — watch our behind the scenes video to find out how we did it.

Of course, we couldn’t go that far without taking Bitcoin with us. Lo and behold, the first Bitcoin chart in space!

Get the View

In true TradingView fashion we want to share everything with you — so we minted the video of this groundbreaking chart as our very first NFT. The chart’s ascent and duration in space is now on OpenSea, and it’s now open for bidding (plus a couple of other surprises…).

All proceeds from our space NFTs will go to charity.

Check out other trading views on our Wall of Love, and watch out for future NFT drops!

Look first / Then leap

Launch Chart