Апрель 21, 2014
Custom Public Chatrooms

1. Custom Public Chatrooms

we are adding more ways for TradingView users to talk to each other. Recently we rolled out Private one-to-one chats, and now you can start public chatrooms with a topic of your choice!

  • Name and Description are required to start a public chatroom.

  • Popular chatrooms will automatically float to the top of the list.

  • New flexible notification settings

    • Sound can be disabled in the room settings menu as before, but visual notifications are configured for every chat by clicking a Bell icon in the top right corner.

  • Add rooms to your Favorites list to keep them around. Click the Star icon to add a chatroom to favorites.

2. Bar Countdown Added

Countdown box on the scale shows how much time is left until the current bar is closed.You can turn this feature on/off by opening the Scaling menu through a right-click on the scale and checking the “Countdown” checkbox.


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