Август 26, 2015
Many new languages now supported in free data widget

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If you have a website with charts, you should be using our free data & chart widgets. They are trusted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group and Investopedia, so you are in good company.

Cutting edge tech, tons of data and they are free of charge. And now the Advanced Widget is available in a bunch of new languages, in addition to default English.

How to use:

Select the desired language in the drop down, the locale parameter will change to the new language. Copy and paste the embed code into your site. Enjoy!

Available languages — how it looks:

Translation HELP NEEDED!

Far from everything is covered for all languages — we need your help to make it pretty. If you can pitch in with a few words of translation and share your wisdom, please email founders@tradingview.com and we’ll set you up as a translator. Your help is much appreciated!

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