Июль 8, 2015
New feature of Pine Script Language: parameter “editable”

Our users have written amazing codes on Pine Script Language, which can be accessed right from your chart by clicking “Indicators”:

At the moment Public Library has over 1 500 codes, which are free for every user of TradingView. Most of them have multiple outputs. We have added the parameter “editable” as a matter of convenience.

Attention! Default value of the parameter is “false”.

If configuring style of a study is necessary, please add “editable=true” argument to particular functions. Example:

study("plots with editable example")
plot(close, editable=true)

The argument “editable” contains the following functions:

  • plot,

  • plotshape,

  • plotchar,

  • plotarrow,

  • plotbar,

  • plotcandle,

  • barcolor,

  • bgcolor,

  • hline,

  • fill.

You can read more about Pine Script Language in the Pine Script Tutorial and in the Pine Script Reference.

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