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Many AMP customers use TradingView to trade the REAL Exchange-Traded Futures, such as the NEW CME MICRO Futures.

AMP Global Customers can trade any of these exchanges: CME, EUREX, ICE, CBOE/VIX, Osaka - Japan (JPX), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong (HKEX) and Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE).

Day Trade Margins as low as only $40 for the CME MICRO ES Futures

Account Minimum to Get Started is only $100

Start Trading the CME MICRO Futures using TradingView Today!


221 N LaSalle Street, 25th Floor, Chicago, USA
Have MT5 Great
Good margin & execution!
Froze a ton yesterday after FED. That's jus terrible
TradingView is the only one that can help source the reason for this happening. TradingView Support says "mostly the disconnect issues are related to poor Internet connection". Please open a support ticket directly with TradingView support on the bottom right of your TradingView chart. They will pull your data logs and find out what exactly is happening. If you need assistance with live trade, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour Trade Desk via Phone, Live Chat or login directly to CQG Mobile App (Provided by default to all AMP/CQG clients for FREE - No Monthly Fee) - <use your same Live AMP/CQG trading credentials to login CQG Mobile that you use to login Tradingview>
Great customer service. So far no issues.
The TradingView integration is perfect and the trading fees are low, but the customer service is subpar, rude and their portal is very outdated it seems like. Don't know why things take so long there. Also for non-US customers there is a high withdrawal fee and FX conversion fee. It doesn't seem like this broker is ran by professionals but rather angry hormonal teenagers based on their customer service reps, oh and their chat-bot is so poorly optimized so good luck getting help when no one is around. My tip to fix issues: 1. Update website/portal (it feels like Windows 98) and increase response times on everything. Everything should be near-instantenous where possible. 2. Hire actual Professionals for Customer Service and teach them properly. 3. Train current staff in professionalism if you're not firing them (a few are decent though). 4. Reduce or alleviate the pain for non-US customers: the FX conversion and withdrawal fees are ridiculous. 5. Fix that annoying Chatbot. Try it yourself once to see how it feels. 6. 2FA authentication please. It's annoying to have to login via text message every single time.
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