2crz Bullish Pennant formation

KUCOIN:2CRZUSDT   2Crazy / Tether
In my previous chart I made a bullish pennant formation , but not with proper sideways movement. But now it looks like a proper sideways movement and a bullish pennant

Flagpole was 0.02 -> 0.12 is 6x ... Textbook explanation we can see another 6x flagpole i.e,0.06->0.3
To be safe buy on breakout and use SL even if you buy now.

Trade active: The pennant was not in proper channel. but the idea is still correct. We may end up seeing 0.2-0.3 soon
Order cancelled: There is some FUD that a CSGO player who was rumored to be in partnership with 2crazyNFT, yesterday tweeted he is not. after that the coin started dumping.

but anyway that was a rumor. It was not an official announcement. but people sold.