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Ten cents is fully aware 80% of its revenue comes from China and to lose this market share that it has built over the years would not be worthwhile. Thus, it is a strategic decision to merge the 2 live-streaming companies to fend off the upcoming competitors.

It has a lot on its plate now with US imposing a ban on Wechat which can be pretty substantial considering the number of Chinese residing in USA.Not only are they using Wechat to communicate with friends and family members in China, some are using to keep abreast of what's happening in China, news, payment and even doing business as well.

If Wechat is banned, who will be next on the chopping block ? Alibaba?

Apple which sells its iphones in China will not be stored too. Imagine buying an iphone in China and not allowed to download Wechat, what good will it be ? This will not bode well for Apple especially it is launching its upcoming 5G technology phones soon.....

Gamers worldwide are panicking as they are concerned League of Legends , Fornite and Valorant games will be banned if Tencent is out of US. Will they submit a petition to President Trump ?

I wonder if Trump consider the impact that it is sending to the business world ? Would he shut down the business or forced to sell when they come under scrutiny? This is scary and high risks that businesses need to consider carefully.....

The one business that is going to benefit are the law firms as I can imagine lots of lawsuits amongst the companies and the government. Is this really about protecting the interest of the people, an issue of national security or really about politics and his election ? Read here

If Trump is aware of this , he is not going to be happy that China is doing what they can to oust him out from the upcoming election. To drum up his chances, he has to do all he can and the most effective way is to direct the arrow at China, blame them for the Covid-19, the horrible trade war which caused US to lose billions and many more.

Let's hope they can reach an amicable solution fast and the stock price recovers.
One of the main reasons why I like this company is the string of investments it has made over the years. Look at Meituan, PindudoduoJD.com, Huya , among many others.

So, you see , Tencent operates more like an investment bank than a traditional company. It leverages on the success of other companies and take a cut of profits by investing in its growth.

My weekly chart forecast it will hit $625 so at current price or even lower, it is a discount to those who believe in its story.

Short term, there is likely some volatility so one might want to wait for the dust to settle a bit more before averaging up. Let's watch and see over the next few weeks.
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As of now, it is best to stay sideline until the dust is settled as we have no idea what US is going to do with Chinese tech companies....
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Comment: Praise lord, nice rebound....
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This clampdown may have some temporary impact on the growth of China Tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, etc. I am looking at 575 as support to determine the impact and if it sustain and rebound, then it is good.

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