NASDAQ:AAL   American Airlines Group, Inc
I'm looking at a potential buy on AAL with two potential entries. This is following my strategy requirements and this company is a very good long-term hold, in my opinion, if you get in at a discounted price it will be worth it as long as you sell before the potential market crash. This stock should go back up as vaccination rates climb, so it should be decently safe for a long-term hold if you decide to do that. You can also look at this for the short term and treat it as a day trade because it should just continue ranging until it breaks up higher (if the market agrees with my analysis.) I'm simply going to enter when I see proper price action, if I can get something like a bullish engulfing pattern to show me confluence with my entry then ill go for the trade. If not I might just leave this thing alone. This is just my opinion and idea for a stock, and this is not financial advice. Let me know what you think and let's see what happens with the trade tomorrow.
Order cancelled: Entry was never confirmed, trade invalid.