NYSE:AAP   Advance Auto Parts Inc Advance Auto Parts Inc W/I
* Making new all-time-highs
* Expected to better in the coming year
* Beta of over 1
* Not much volume following the break or even before the break
* Has been consolidating since 2015 and recently broke out again from $201.24
* Good long term hold as it pays out dividends

* This did break the recent all-time-highs of $210.18 but not with a lot of volume
* It broke the previous all-time-highs of $201.24 but couldn't hold

Final thoughts:
  • Look for buying opportunities around the $205.60
  • Wait and see how the price reacts to breaking $210.18
Comment: This gave a pull back to $205.46 as expected.
Thinking this may break out next week.

For now $201.24 is support, however, I don't think it'll go that far down.