Triple top formation for Apple

dchua1969 Updated   
BATS:AAPL   Apple Inc
Historically, the triple top formation is supposed to be bearish. However, here in Apple's chart, we see it did not play out as expected. It went up a whooping 7% breaking the resistance level at 197.41.

I won't suggest to go in now if you want to pickup this shares but wait patiently for the retracement. Then again, it may take weeks for that to happen. That is why patience is such a rare virtue in the game of investing. The fear of missing out is so strong in many investors that they have to participate in the game regardless of the price level. It's like an addiction; taking the action to execute the trade helps relief the anxiety in them. Finally, now they can announce to the world that they own Apple shares. They belong to the community.

Sounds irrational and not logical ? Understanding consumer behaviour helps you to better understand the stock market. Whether it is buying an Iphone or 100 shares of a Company stock, the underlying psychological reasons embedded within remains relatively the same.

We buy first and justify second. Is it a need or is it a want ? You need a phone ? Yes ! But you want to own the latest model which costs thousands of dollars, never mind if it exceeds your budget. Associating with it, owning it, carrying it and showing off to a certain extent, however unreasonable to the third party it may seems, this desire will heighten over time and like breaking out of the bearish trend line after the 4th attempt, finally, you purchased it or the price breaks out from the trend line. Hallelujah !

Remember the objective of owning a piece of the business or buying shares. Simply, it is to make your money not collecting a basket of brands. Of course, if it is branded and makes you tons of money, then it is double happiness. But there are many gems hidden in the piles that valued investors who spent time researching will uncover its potential.

Maybe, it is not as popular as the branded ones, but it has excellent sales records and profitability. It has low gearing and enjoys a wide economic moat as well........Find these companies and invest in them. Put on the cap of the venture capitalists , take a small initial position and bet bigger when the data shows more promising .

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