AAPL 16hour/candle chart review. FINAL PT BULLS 185/195USD. get ready for parabolic rally now. bullish fractal in progress now contained within parabolic channel. more gains next 4-8 weeks. setup still valid / in progress now. short-term target was reached. already +20% gains from my level. in-line with my NDX/ NAS100 setup, setup still valid as of today. compression into wedge . NOT A BEARISH SETUP!. strong prior UPTREND so MORE GAINS. Market Buying near current price is a great strategy for BULLS now. BUY/HOLD near my level for best results. BULLS maintain control for now. lower risk setup is BUY/HOLD. exit at 185/195 USD end of 2021. strong bullish chart expect more gains. TP BULLS TP1 175 USD TP2 185 USD. BUY/HOLD setup with great risk:reward. BULLS TP FINAL is 195 USD end of 2021. SWING trade setup do not expect fast/miracle overnights gains here.