[Apple] Can you break the top of the wedge?

- Here’s Apple daily chart . Compared to other stocks within NASDAQ, the correction of Apple is not that much fearful, YET.
- After breaking bottom of the black channel and blue trendline, it dropped about 14% more and at the same time formed a green falling wedge .
- I would definitely be bullish in short-term if Apple breaks top of the wedge and for those looking for breakout entry, keep an eye on this falling wedge .
- If it successfully breaks above, a well-designed trading setup can be secured targeting my first resistance area around $147~$149 which is the confluence zone of 0.382 retracement level and POC of previous HVP.
- Another potential resistance that I am considering is at the retest area of the blue trendline located around $155~$157.
- If the market becomes more bearish , in other word if Apple gets rejected by the top of the wedge once more and makes a LL, I am expecting decent price actions at $123~$125 and $117~$119.
- These supports have been deducted by various technical elements drawn in the chart such as wedge bottom, trendlines , Log-trendline, previous VP areas(Orderblocks), Fibonacci projection levels, and retracement levels, etc.

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