"The" Daily Market Update (Centralized)

As I am permitted, this core idea will have a daily video update every day besides Saturday. These updates will ALL be videos in my usual format and each will be 'IDEAS' themselves: As opposed to a screenshot with words. This is key, because any Intra-Day update that I make in regards to that idea (same day update) will have the update within that idea. So clicking on that daily update may have more updates past the initial one.

The purpose of this is to further consolidate and reduce clutter that may build up over time and by doing so I hope that you can get an understanding of my thought process by quickly being able to refer to previous days, as well as having any comments/questions answered in one centralized location.

I believe I started (specifically) doing the regular daily updates from September 7th, so it only goes back that far as of now. I have done some here and there, but want to keep this idea as clean as possible for everyone.

Related Ideas linked below are some of my more important ideas that I often refer to.

I stream every weekday: 15 minutes before the market opens and at least 15 minutes after the market closes. I also stream Sundays 30 minutes before the Week candle Change on BTC .

Some other key information regarding TradingView Subscriptions:

1) I do not believe it is needed (for me) to be able to analyze and trade anymore, BUT it is key for going over old data to train and is HIGHLY worth considering when you want to take your trading to the next level. I may not continue with the Premium next year, but I will NEVER not have a TradingView Subscription; Just as I will never eat unhealthy food again. There are certain things you do not go back to. Being subscription-less is one of them.

2) If you feel comfortable analyzing and want to try new things, I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at the subscriptions levels and features, because on which you choose you can get access to many amazing features such as:
a) Volume Profiles (Horizontal Volume )
b) 20,000 bars worth of data
c) Intra-Day Replay (Very useful for accurate back-testing and training)
d) Multiple charts at once (Easier for me to compare movement to find correlations)
e) The ability to make video ideas.

In the spirit of being fair, I must mention one small drawback in regards to one feature of the premium plan. This is only in regards to anyone that streams regularly on TradingView and 9.9 times out of 10 will not apply to the average user. I explain an incredibly easy work around at the bottom, so make sure to check that out.

The "Premium Plan" allows your streams to be "saved indefinitely". This is the response I got and why I believe the streams are saved, but not available after you stream 50 more times (overwritten or hidden). Though until they are made available, if ever, they might as well not exist.

"I have double-checked this case with our tech team and they assigned a task to add the possibility to view the records of the past streams in the Profile.

Your ticket is tagged to the corresponding task so you will be notified in case of an update."

So it appears from the language used that the streams are saved, but are unavailable after 50 streams. I stream every day, so this is important to me. Maybe it will be important to you as well.

Work Around:

You can save your own recording to your pc when you stream and/or also multi-stream through Trading View to YouTube and Twitch. YouTube will turn your streams into Videos so that solves the issue of that; More or less. TradingView is my platform of choice, so I'd prefer all of the streams to be accessible on this platform and, through that, encourage more people to access this platform for data.
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