Apple was hyped at the top.

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Apple had at least 14 recommendations when it first approached 700.


great analysis krs1929 & Tim, these (recommendations) PLUS the obvious negative divergence PX vs indicators and it was confirmed by breaking short term trendlines / breaking MAs / crossovers in MAs.
Indeed, listen to the chart and not analysts , especially not CNBC. it's a bull market 24/7 over there.
timwest Algokid
The quadrant goes like this: I prefer to watch how something responds to news. It does add a major dimension to the analysis. You can also graph your chart relative to the relevant market index and see what the RATIO looks like - at least to get the market noise out of the chart. That's how I like to do it. But there is no right way to do it.

#1. If the talk is bullish and the chart is bearish, wait for a technical buy or sell short.
#2. If the talk is bearish and the chart is bullish, wait for a technical sell or buy.
#3. If the talk is bullish and the chart is bullish, buy. Especially in a new trend. Use CLOSE STOPS.
#4. If the talk is bearish and the chart is bearish, sell short. But use CLOSE STOPS.

What I like the best is when there is news because it gives us something to analyze. If a stock can't rally on news... then watch out below. Note the SLV charts I have published over the last year. News really does help the chartist.


The combination of the two is far more powerful than listening to the charts. It is all valuable information. Someday we can add that information you have listed onto our charts here at TradingView. Imagine how nice that would be!