$AAPL Drew this on 10.12 Inverse H&S bottom, needs neck-L break

Hello Traders,

I drew the attached on 10.12 for a discord group I'm in and the H&S Bottom pattern still stands. If it breaks the neckline we should see a reversal and a continued push higher
(although, today I did circle that the closing price is currently at the exact edge of my regression channel).

As I mentioned in my previous recent posts, the market has been a bit indecisive as of late so make sure to manage your risk. We did see the VIX drop way down to about 16.80 down from yesterdays high of 20+... So things are cooling off a little bit.
Today felt like the markets equivalent of a sigh of relief, gapping up past SPY's resistance overnight and ending the day near the high.
Feeling much more bullish going into Friday.

Good luck!

Comment: Neckline broke afterhours and gapped up and ran with the rest of the market. Now AAPL is sitting just above the 200ma on the 4hr. I think we could continue to see them run up until earnings get closer (9.5days away).

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