Educational post- Sort of - 4 weeks practicing the waves

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Hello i am not a wave-expert just a student so i might be wrong at many places so forgive me for that. Ive been learning from one of the best traders ive come across namely Wave-Trader for a little over 4 weeks. Hate him or Love him he does know his stuff. Thats not the point of this post , what i do want to present is how my views over the complete market have changed over the past 4 weeks. Ive been trading for close to a year and half , went from supply- demand, to harmonics, to support resistance- to sort of clones you name it, and theres a chance i might have tried it. I would just wanna post my view on this trade setup that i posted a couple weeks ago. More like an update
The count wasnt correct nor was the structure
Heres the correct count and structure now ( i hope its correct)
Ive always heard that waves come before the news and here a very good example
The ipone7 came out and the AAPL             shares shot up
This is more like how the wave theory changed my perspective of the market in less than 4 weeks, not really an educational post since i am a new student and forever will be a student. However only someone who studies the waves could've realized the lows for buying it at the right price.