Stocks - AAPL You Know The Story of the Fall

Idea for AAPL:
- AAPL falls below the 100 DMA and Cloud afterhours on news that productivity would be slashed due to chip shortages.
- If Apple can't get chips, who do you think can?
- Apple tends to lead market drawdowns. Watch tech for further weakness. 3 of FAANGM are now below 100D.
- We are passed peak earnings of QE , and I believe it is foolish to not expect declining earnings to be a trend all around going forward. Underlying problems never went away, QE was just a band-aid for the stock market while the likes of Tim Cook distributed their bags.
- Energy shortages remind of the Crisis in the 70s, except semiconductors are an addition.
- Wage inflation spiral appears to be closing in, and this would solidify Stagflation in the US.

Comment: The bastards eked out an ATH today against fundamentals, but we marked this date for a reason for another turning point. AAPL still in the cloud.

SNAP collapses 30% AH on earnings, alongside FB, TWTR, GOOG, INTC, all suffering large drops:

This is likely the turning point, or very near it. These sort of earnings misses, as well as revisions down will be a trend from now through 2022. Of course any sort of bad news would be shrugged off in a strong bull market, but that's just not the case anymore.