AAPL, Triangleformation Developing, Upside Breakout More Likely!

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Welcome to this analysis about AAPL , we are looking at the 6-hour timeframe perspectives. As already mentioned in previous analysis the SPX is forming a more bearish constellation however this does not mean the market is completely bearish as it is the case like most often times there are pairs in the market that forming some interesting formational structures with the ability for potential upcoming next times. In this case, I discovered an interesting formation with AAPL recently forming that has some solid possibilities to show up with a determined breakout in the next times. Therefore it is necessary that AAPL shows up with the right price-actions to fully emerge and confirm this possible breakout.

Strucural Developments:
As when looking at my chart now we can watch there how AAPL developed this main triangle-formation in the structure and what is important here is that it is forming above the point-of-control marked with the red line this is an important support zone here and as already shown the triangles wave-count bounced several times strongly with the ending of the waves A and C. When the wave-count within completes this will happen with the final wave E from where AAPL has the ability to finally show up with the breakout which has a more likely possibility by 75% to the upside.

Upcoming Determinations:
Taking all these factors into consideration AAPL will likely show up with the upside-breakout sooner or later and this upside-breakout finally confirms with a clear close above the upper boundary of the triangle which will activate the upside targets in the structure lying at the 150 level marked in blue. When AAPL approaches this zone it has to be elevated if the pair has the ability to continue further bullishly right away or firstly forms a reversal which is more likely. The whole breakout can be traded either aggressively with an immediate entry in the formation or conservative with entry after the breakout has shown up, although the aggressive variant is also possible here the conservative is much better as it will show up with the higher possible setup.

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awesome thanks for sharing I agree
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VincePrince AtlasTrades
@AtlasTrades, Thank you, all the best.
@VincePrince Even I looked at the char and your analysis confirmed it.!
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VincePrince biswajitsadhu
@biswajitsadhu, Thank you! All the best.
Thanks, Vince for the analysis! I have been seeing this as well and you confirmed it!
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@K28Hill, Thanks a lot! That is great to see. You are welcome.
Looking good to me Vince
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VincePrince TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, Thank you
Excellent analysis as always, a lot of learning, thanks!
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