AAPL: A correction ahead?

Hello traders and investors! Let’s talk about AAPL today!

We are in a strong bull trend, and AAPL is doing higher highs/lows in the 1h chart. I see no clear reversal or pullback sign around as well.

The $ 134.58 is working as support, and it was previously a resistance. The 21 ema is quite close to this point, making it a dual-support level in the short-term. If AAPL loses this green line, the purple line is the next target.

However, so far, we have no weakness signs on AAPL .

In the daily chart , we see that the target for this movement is the $ 136.84, and it seems AAPL will hit there, but the volume is decreasing.

This tells us that we might see a correction after AAPL hits its target, but remember: corrections are not reversals.

Apple is still in a bull trend, and it will keep trending, as long as we don’t see a clear reversal movement – Dow Theory, 6th tenet.

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