$AAPL bearish inside bar?

$AAPL continue to pull back along with other tech companies. after massive rally.
inflation is still high and consumer is start to spend their more strictly. despite the
high labor cost. most tech companies are started to reduce their labor force as they start
to feel the consumer spending their money carefully.

No big catalyst so far for AAPL about up coming product except the new upcoming iphone.
which is nothing new anymore for most consumer.

below is the price level I'm looking for $AAPL:

AAPL average price move per day is $2-6 per day depending on market volatility and catalyst.

Below is the price level I'm looking for entry and exit for AAPL:

Buy call above 146.64 and sell at 147.38+ or above

Buy puts below 145.02 and sell at 143.74 or below

sometimes, the fist 30 minute of the opening bell is always volatile.
you can catch the move there. or wait for an 1 hour for better cheaper price
after it pulls back.

make sure that you set up alerts on those key level so you wont miss the move.
and always to take your profits as you see one.