ABBV Sell Vacuum - Understanding Climaxes and Vacuums

NYSE:ABBV   AbbVie Inc
ABBV is selling off this week in a third leg down from the buy climax and all time high. Although it looks strong at first glance, this is more likely a sell vacuum (sell climax) than the start of a strong bear breakout. A vacuum is created when strong bulls step aside and wait for prices to reach a location they want to buy, and the strong bears continue to hold for the same price level (and some continue to sell). This creates a temporary one sided market. This sell off is likely a test the previous converging triangle, and middle of the trading range preceding the bull breakout. The bulls will look to form some sort of double bottom which could be a failed breakout below the 60 or 50 lows, or an actual double bottom . If there is a reversal up next week, it would form a parabolic wedge bull flag , bears will look to take profits and bulls will look to re-establish longs. If instead there is continued selling and a strong breakout below the 50 low, the bears will likely get a test of the opening tight trading range around 40 .

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