Aurora Cannabis - Mother of all Squeezes (100%+ upside)

ACB about to go parabolic. Similar to Tilray , golden cross about to form between 20 and 200 day moving averages.

The last impulse rallied just shy of 250%, or $10 usd.. With the blue wave on our backs, we should easily see the same impulse of $10 which brings us to $22. There's a gap looking to be filled between $20-$24.

This stock is a Robinhooder's dream. Target price set to $24.

If the rally in the MJ sector continues, we could easily see $26, $31, or $46 in days.
Trade active: For golden cross to form, ACB needs a major catalyst in the next 2-4 weeks. They are working towards positive EBITDA which would be announced during their earnings in 4 weeks.
Trade active: Still valid.. patience
Trade active: With the massive short squeeze happening with GME, AMC, BB and others at the moment, there's no telling how high ACB will go. Every short in the world will be covering this week. Buckle up, this will be interesting..
Trade active: All aboard!
Trade active: Expecting a 15-20% gap up tomorrow morning. Price target is $21 - $27 by February 17th. Earnings is on the 11th which should keep the rockets fueled up.
Trade active: Taking longer than expected but getting there.. Golden cross between 20 and 200 day EMA coming this week.. Get the popcorn ready, the fireworks show starts soon GL
Trade active: ACB lagging BIG TIME.. Disappointing to say the least but looks like GOLDEN CROSS is happening tomorrow.. LET"S GO!


Cool, I love your optimistic outlook. It also makes sense due to who is in office now but just surprised it has not bounced up really hard yet. Anyway, if you own a boat you should put you name on the back of
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Invested in acb for the moment, but watching tilray and canopy.... SMH.
@glapo, I hear ya.. CGC hit a home run with their numbers so that is a great sign.. ACB is next at bat and I think they'll hit a grand slam.. patience
glapo BosTrader1
@BosTrader1, I know a lot of traders don't like to hold thru earnings reports but going to. I really hope they come out with a good good news but my rear end is still gonna be in pucker mode for a
@glapo, Same here. The upside is significantly greater than the downside so risk is warranted imo. GL
glapo BosTrader1
@BosTrader1, agreed. GL.
Nice pop today, hopefully more to come.
Nice. Air high five coming your way.
Looking good...Your TA prediction looks like it may have triggered today...all time frames showing a big move up
BosTrader1 NR-Prince
@NR-Prince, Thank you. I will update my idea with price targets