Fibonacci Golden Pocket Looking to Fill Your Own Pockets

NASDAQ:ACGL   Arch Capital Group Ltd
Congrats to myself on my second post. My first post on TSNPD took a bit longer to breakout than anticipated, but eventually it went my way.

Today's close was in between the fibonacci golden pocket. This occurred previously and as you can see on the chart, price increased dramatically. It might take a few more days for the action to play out, but I anticipate a similar move to come and the opportunity for some real gains.

Additionally, price has been consolidating recently near resistance levels which means that buyers are willing to buy even though the price is near resistance. Looks like buyers will eventually cause price to breakout from this resistance.

I have already taken a position in this and hopefully it goes my way.

Of course nothing is 100% guaranteed, this is just my analysis and again, this is only my second post.